Jamacha Veterinary Clinic

693 Jamacha Road
El Cajon, CA 92019




I am grateful. Dr. Kelly has saved my cat's life 2 times in 2 months.

Score: 10
I was recommended by my horse vet, Dr. Elston. Yes, I believe Jamacha Veterinary Clinic is providing exceptional value for the fees they charge. I am very satisfied with the care at Jamacha Veterinary Clinic. The vet, Dr. Kelly was very kind to my sick and not adorable all the time, cat, and I felt she was very knowledgeable. The rest of the office staff are great, very kind and caring and professional. I will recommend Jamacha Vet to my friends. And I'm happy to say my cat is doing pretty well now, she was really sick

I have no suggestions, everything was absolutely "purrfect"  :) The service is excellent and so is the treatment both of the pets and of the humans. Dr. Kelly and all the girls (both front desk and technicians) were absolutely wonderful. So knowledgeable and so patient. The technician was really great. She spent a good amount of time giving us advice to improve the issues that our kitten has (both behavioral and physical). You very rarely manage to get valuable advice from a generic vet visit, at least from my experience. We appreciated that so much. Dr. Kelly also spent a lot of time with us, providing a lot of useful information and great advice. She did not suggest unnecessary things, like many vets do all the time. She is very knowledgeable and also very honest. Everyone in the clinic is so friendly that it is truly a pleasure to interact with them. Also, I would totally trust the staff with any issue that our pets may have, they really know their stuff! There is no way I would want to go to any other Vet, at least as long as I live in South California. I have found Jamacha to be totally different from previous less impressive vet experiences: accurate visit with a wealth of useful information, fair fees, no unnecessary services were recommended and it was very very friendly, not impersonal at all! I found Jamacha through a google search and was immediately impressed by the reviews on Yelp. That is why I chose it in first place. The personal experience even exceeded my expectations! From Rossana.

Score: 10/10

I have no suggestions for the Jamacha Veterinary Clinic, I think you do a great job! We decided to come here because of the great puppy package, and still come here even though we have moved out of the area. You guys are wonderful! From Stephanie.             

Score: 10+++/10
Everything that you guys have done has exceeded my expectations. The staff at Jamacha Vet is very personable and outstanding, always going above and beyond! The clinic's prices are fair and reflect the excellent care we always receive! Our family has used Dr. Kelly for YEARS and would never go anywhere else! You guys are the best! From Jennifer.

Score: 8/10
We chose the Jamacha Veterinary Clinic for our pet's healthcare because we were referred by my wife's mother and saw a lot of great Yelp reviews. The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable, and all the communications we've received were detailed and easy to understand. Dr. Kelly spent an hour with me and my puppy discussing the symptoms and sharing tips and tricks about training my new puppy. From Daniel.                

Score: 9/10
 I chose this vet because the staff is courteous and respectful of both animal and owner. Also, Dr. Kelly is knowledgeable, patient, and interacts directly with the owners and always goes above and beyond. I have been with Jamacha Vet Clinic for many years, and plan on staying. From Sara.

Score: 12/10
I have no suggestions for Jamacha Veterinary Clinic, I like the care you give my pets and trust your pricing polices. I honestly don't think there is a better place to go for my my pet's healthcare. It was the compassionate way Dr. Kelly and staff addressed "Dogies" diagnosis and subsequent euthanasia, while recognizing my loss, that respectfully endeared me to you. from Malcolm.
Score: 10/10
I have no suggestions for improvement, the communications I received were great. I chose the Jamacha Veterinary Clinic due to the the fact that my sister recommended it, and I will definitely be bringing Dorothy the cat back to this office. Everyone I\'ve met has been extremely friendly and welcoming, plus it is very easy to get an appointment and the visits are quick. Dr. Kelly seems very knowledgeable and is willing to take the time to explain all treatment options without pressuring you. From Betty.

Score: 10/10
We have been going to Jamacha Vet since the early 80\'s, and we would never consider going to another vet.  :) Everyone at this vet clinic is amazing, Dr. Kelley is so sweet and informative and you feel like family when you are there. You can always be sure that this staff will take such good care of your animals! From Candace.

Score: 10/10
Jamacha Veterinary Clinic does a great job of contacting me after each visit, I know my family and I really appreciate it. I'd never consider of going to any other clinic for my pet's healthcare! From Evonne. 
Score: 10/10
I wouldn't consider another veterinary clinic for my pet's health care, I have gone here for about 40 years, and wouldn\'t think of going anywhere else!  The doctor and staff are always amazingly kind and personable. I'll always bring all my critters here, I think the world of all of you! From Pat.

Score: 10/10
I feel the staff at Jamacha Vet do a great job, I have no suggestions for them. I would never consider another vet clinic for my pet's health care because of Dr. Kelly and the techs who work there..They always try to make you feel at ease by explaining as much as possible and never make you feel rushed. From Tara.

Score: 10+/10
No suggestions for the clinic, this has been the best veterinary clinic experience we\'ve had in many many years of pet care. I chose this clinic because JVC had the highest rating of the veterinarians on the web page we were searching. Jamacha Veterinary Clinic provides genuinely exceptional care and reasonable costs. Thank you! From Richard.

Score: 10/10
I have no suggestions for the clinic, You guys do a great job! Our family has been bringing our Dog here for 10+ years. The love, kindness and care Dr. Kelly gives is FABULOUS! Anytime we bring Teak our Dog in for an issue, it is diagnosed, and within a few days he\'s back to his \"normal\" self! The Office girls are always cheerful and a pleasure to deal with. I would not leave! I am really happy with your care. From Dina.

Helen Roseberry gave our clinic a score of 10/10. She says the front office staff are so nice and do not keep you waiting. They acknowledge you right away and make you feel very comfortable. 

 Dawn Gaut gave our clinic a score of 10/10. She says:I love how the staff here makes me feel welcome. They are all very friendly and caring. I trust Dr. Kelly to recommend things that are really necessary. She is very caring and understanding- balancing our love for our pets with the reality of limited funds. Everyone on staff is friendly and caring! A good vet that you trust is truly hard to find-- we are luck to have you as our clinic. 

Darren Sarvis gave our clinic a score of 10/10. He says we have a very caring team, providing great pet care. It was very evident you wanted the very best care for my mom's cat Emma and you provided great empathy for everyone.I was greeted with a  warm hello. All the staff were friendly and professional.

I recently had to take my 13 !/2 year old blue healer to Dr. Kelly when he became suddenly ill. I knew the news wasn't going to be good. He was in heart failure and I made the horrible decision to let him go. Dr. Kelly and her staff embraced me like I had been going there forever, when in reality this was my first visit. They were patient, so kind, so loving to me and Toby. They gave us time, consideration and so much empathy and understanding. It was the hardest day of my life, but with the staff's help I made all of the right decisions and they let me take all of the time I needed to be with him. It was quiet and still and beyond my comprehension. I made the decision to bury him myself, and when I return several hours later to pick him up, they lovingly had placed him in a blanket inside a bag and wrapped him in the blanket I brought with me. His moments leaving this earth were much greater because of the beautiful treatment he and I both received. I will forever be indebted to this beautiful staff of women. Thank You one and all!!!

Thank you all for everything- we miss our Lovey so much. We do believe we did the best and went with the best decision for his well-being. Doctors and staff you are "God's Helpers" and gave us great comfort. Leanne,  you amaze me! You have a special place in my heart- and what a warm beautiful smile. Thank you for your kind words. Jenn and Ashley, thank you for all you both have done for Lovey. Dr. Kate, you are an amazing vet and person. I speak very highly of you, we want everyone to know your kindness. Dr. Liz, wow, amazing as well. Thank you for all the years of help with our dear Lovey, so proud to call you our vet. Thank you everyone.

Dr. Kelly, Bader, and "Awesome Staff", thank you all for your sympathy and professionalism in being Lovey's veterinarian. He lived a full and healthy life with your care that he would not have otherwise enjoyed. Your letter was above and beyond- we were so blessed to have you all in our lives. 

Dr. Kelly and her entire staff are the best! They all go out of their way to make our babies feel welcome and healthy.

Dr. Kelly and her entire staff are the best! Our Bitzy has been seeing Dr. Kelly since she was 1lb and as big as a dollar bill. She was spayed last week and the entire staff took such great care of her....easy to say that they spoil her too! Now Bitzy is healed and you can barely see the scar....Great Job Dr. Kelly....your quality of care far exceeds any other veterinary clinics in San Diego!

Dr. Kelly thank you for fixing my leg last week. My mom and dad say I'll be better in a few months, and I can't wait to play with the other dogs. Thank you for taking me home with you too. I was glad you stayed with me, it made me feel better. Your friend, Meatloaf.

I just wanted to thank you for the care you've given Skeeter, Putty, and Samantha in the past 16 months. Since we don't have kids our cats are our babies and it's important to us that we have good vet care close by. I also wanted to let you know how much I admire your ability to buy a business, update the facilities and work long hours while giving compassionate care to your patients. You must have a lot more energy than I do!

 I'd like to thank you soooooo very much for everything you did keeping Buddy comfortable. Everyone there made me feel at ease and secure that you would take good care of my baby.
Great vet Dr. Kelly has been taking care of my family pets for years now. My dogs love her. I just got a new puppy and staff gave me a refresher course on house training and how to brush my maltipoo's teeth. Their prices are reasonable. I always run into a neighbor in their lobby. My entire desert group takes their pets there and we always are happy with them. I'd recommend them to anybody.
I've been going to Dr. Kelly since she took over the clinic a few years ago. Great service, a nice staff, willing to go above and beyond to help clients. I highly recommend her and her clinic.
Dr. Kelly and her girls have been nothing but wonderful to our "family"! I would travel hundreds of miles just to have Dr. Kelly treat our dogs. She truly cares about our dogs and knows that they are not just pets, but our kids. In fact, we owe Dr. Kelly a HUGE thanks for saving our dog, Buddy, when he experienced a very serious heat stoke back in August. With a temperature of 110 degrees, it was nothing short of a miracle, and lots of love from the whole staff, that saved Buddy's life that day!!! We called Dr. Kelly's office, left a message that we needed an appointment ASAP Monday morning. Long story short, Monday came and, although Dr. Kelly was out Dr. Bader (her colleague) met with us and Buddy. SHE WAS JUST AS AMAZING and so kind to us. Turns out Buddy is fine, and a happy boy, after some antibiotics and meds. Since our visit Dr. Kelly has called to check on Buddy twice!! See Dr. Kelly, she is truly a caring vet, and she has a wonderful staff of girls (that Buddy just LOVES;) ) They will always be a part of our family! Thank you!!!
I was so impressed by this vet. I brought my older dog in for a visit because of a skin problem, and they were so sweet to her, even though she didn't look to good. They diagnosed her quickly and gave me some antibiotics for her. Her skin cleared up quickly and she really enjoyed being there. The staff was awesome and you can really tell they enjoy animals. My friend also takes her dogs there and has never had a problem. I was so pleased.
IF YOU WANT THE BEST FOR YOUR PET- GO HERE! Dr. Kelly and her assistants are by far the best vets you will ever meet! I met these ladies when I got my dog over a year ago and I still make the 30-minute drive back and forth from my place to this place. They really care about your pet and they are all SUPER friendly! Also, it takes me no time at all when you walk into the door to be seen by the vet and you are practically out before you know it! They don't mess around and make you wait forever! I know that I appreciate them and I know my dog does too!
Dr. Kelly and Staff, I'm at a loss for words for your caring, concern, and generosity. I deeply and sincerely thank you for your compassion.
Giving a BIG PAWS UP!!!! We are delighted with Dr. Kelly, Dr. Bader and the great, caring staff. This dedicated team has seen many of our rescues. Whether it is my personal Westies or rescues they all receive excellent responsible care. We gladly refer Westie and other owners here for quality care for their beloved pets. Susan Reeves, Exec Director