Jamacha Veterinary Clinic

693 Jamacha Road
El Cajon, CA 92019



What to expect during your visit at Jamacha Veterinary Hospital




We truly appreciate your patronage at Jamacha Veterinary Clinic. We want your experience with us to be as pleasant as possible. Here is a description of what to expect when you come to our clinic. 


A Veterinary Assistant will welcome you when you walk in and promptly take you into an exam room. The preliminary exam will be conducted by the Assistant. They will obtain a brief history about your pet and relay this to the Doctor. The Doctor will come in and perform a complete physical examination. She may ask you questions that the Veterinary Assistant already asked. The reason we do this is because often times this prompts you to remember something that may not have mentioned earlier. It is also used as a training tool for our staff.


Our staff are trained to triage patients over the phone and schedule you for an exam based on the severity of what you are describing. Having a comprehensive knowledge of common medical conditions, medications, and treatments creates a staff that is better equipped to help you with you and your pet's needs.  This is why we have our Assistants check you in in this manner.


A written estimate will be presented to you based on the Doctor's recommendations. We will ask you to sign the estimate as this is an opportunity for you to accept and or decline treatments. Many of our treatments are performed in the exam room with you for the comfort of the pet. If you have any questions regarding the treatments please ask; this is an opportunity for you to learn and understand things like ear cleanings and nail trims.


Once we have completed treatments we will charge you out, review medication instructions, and reinforce the Doctor's recommendations. If you are more comfortable being charged out in the room because your pet is nervous in the lobby please let the Assistant know, we would be more than happy to accommodate this. 


In addition to our wonderful staff we are also a training site for the local veterinary assistant and technician schools. This includes PIMA students, ROP students, Mesa College RVT Students, and Pre-Veterinary students. Because of this you may see new and friendly faces at our clinic when you come in. So don't be surprised just introduce yourself and they will always be happy to help you with whatever you need. 


We look forward to helping you and your pet and we hope that your experience with us is everything you expect and more.